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ProSatis is the pre-eminent choice for empowered transformations and collaborative
solutions mastering expert knowledge covering Management, Strategic Innovation,
Business Development, Coaching, and Systems Engineering.

ProSatis is built from the ground up with the energy for motion and the proven know-how
to help our customers in developing their activities, using knowledge and experience
derived from our research and practical work.

We collaborate with artists, designers, nerds, opinion- and idea-makers, who we bring
forward in the immediate area, the region, the nation, the World

Based on a firm footing in practical implementation, advanced technologies, and best
practices of all times, we provide support on all thinkable kinds of business issues.

We support start-ups with business plan, get hold of finances, planning, collaboration
and relationship, marketing ...

The focal point is POP-UP Copenhagen, a physical platform from which companies
can reach out to customers, audiences and business partners

We Mind Your Business – whatever it is a retail-store, gallery, project development,
or is it space for release exhibition, meeting or course

We create a strong network - we make connections - we work together on your terms

Our goal is to provide dedicated advice at a first-class level - so we always will be
broadly oriented in support and implementation of the latest methods, products and tools.

As one company, we operate fully professional on every level in the organization, as we
aim to make any assignment fit with increased support from collaborating teams, while
making joint competences beneficial to our customers.

We understand because we've been around most ourselves - we can and will make the
difference that matters .....

The networking Company - We run Businesses - Network - Interdepend - Collaborate



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